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Merge, Move and Delete Case Requests

Before taking any action, be sure to review records!!!


Ensure ALL cases are historical (withdrawn or closed) before initiating a merge.  When approving a merge request, review the record and disapprove if a new active case is created while the merge is pending.

Profile #1


Profile #2



*CAUTION:  If  any of the cases are active (pending, accepted, rejected) on either offender profile, you have to use move.

The source profile should typically be historical (closed or withdrawn) cases, moving to the destination profile with the active case(s) (pending, accepted, rejected.)

The destination profile should be the offender with the most current and correct supervising status so the default supervising user will be selected as the supervising user on the offender record.  


Other important considerations:

  • Ensure any 'Pending' cases involved in a move are needed and are not 'junk' (duplicate or no transmitted activities)  Never Move or Merge Junk or Duplicate Cases
  • Initiate a move after Notices of Departure and Arrivals are transmitted for the destination offender so the accurate supervising user is selected.  
  • Consider Delete instead of using Move (require re-entry of case information) if the following apply:
    • NOD/NOAs have not been completed on the Destination Profile
    • Multiple cases exist on the Source Profile (each require separate moves and can be tedious)
  • DO NOT reassign the 'supervising user' role while move is in process.  Although email notifications are sent to states associated with a move, contact to that state may be necessary to move the processing of the record along.  
  • Only states who are affiliated with the Source Profile can initiate the move. Contact those states to initiate the move if your state is only affiliated with the Destination Profile.


Delete offender should be used to remove any "junk"/duplicate records and for records without transmitted activities.  Even when transmitted activities exist, if may be easier to delete the newly created profile rather than processing a move so work with the sending state who created the duplicate.


Offender profiles without any cases, can only be deleted by the national office.  Submit those deletion requests as a new helpdesk ticket


Here's how to identify those cases from the Duplicate Offender Report.


Additional Tips

Don't Overlook 'Pending Items' awaiting review by your office

Print All' when processing merges, deletes, or case moves.

Be sure to perform the “Print All” function prior to submitting or consenting to any merge, delete or move case request in ICOTS. ICOTS and the National Office only preserve the audit trail of who performed the action, not the data altered.  Records should be retained (electronic or hard copy) in accordance with your own state policies and procedures.  


Use the comment boxes to document your review.



Error The delete request is being constructed?

This occurs when a user 'backs out' of the initial screen to start a move, merge or delete.  This can be corrected by the user by entering '/edit' to the end of the url.  For example:

The URL in the address bar will look like this:

Adding "/edit" to the end of the URL will make it look like this:

This screen will allow you to finalize the request.

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