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User Administration and System Access

Who uses ICOTS?

Each member state determines and administers its users. For most states, users are:

  • Line staff responsible for supervision of transferees
  • Compact office staff responsible for review and compact compliance
  • State administrators responsible for user administration and data integrity

How do I get access to ICOTS?

To request access to ICOTS, contact your state administrator. Prior to accessing ICOTS, each user receives training on ICOTS, the ICOTS Privacy Policy and the ICAOS rules. Upon initial login, every user electronically agrees to the ICOTS Privacy Policy.

Where do I log into ICOTS?

ICOTS's direct login is

The website can also be accessed from the ICAOS website under the ICOTS dropdown menu.


Frequently asked questions regarding the administration of users and access to the ICOTS system.

What is the purpose of the ICOTS Privacy Policy? Do all users have to sign the agreement or just the agency?

  • The Privacy Policy and user agreement apply to all users of the system. This includes the administrators at the National Office and any agencies or individuals allowed access to the system or its data. Users are required to read, understand and agree to the policy electronically when initially logging into their user account. 

How can I get assistance to reset my password?

  • On the ICOTS login screen, there is a link under the login section entitled “What was my password again?”. Click on this link and provide the requested information. A temporary password link will be emailed to you. This password link is only valid for 20 minutes. Also see First Time Login Guide.

Will we have the ability to assign an incoming investigation to a generic email address? Here in our state, many of our counties have set up separate compact email addresses which are where we currently send all TIRs to and then they sign out the investigations from there. That way if one staffer is out, someone else has access to that email box.

  • ICAOS certainly understands the reason upside for having a generic account but creating a generic user will violate CJIS security policy. You can set up email account rules which can forward emails from ICOTS to your generic email account.

If we don't have a way to generically assign an investigation to a county and have to send it to a specific person, what happens when that person takes a vacation?

  • A Supervisor or Compact Office user can reassign the activity or case from the Manage Case Load screen.

How do I set up additional users for ICOTS?

How do I delete a user for ICOTS?

  • You cannot delete a user in ICOTS but you can render them inactive in the event the user terminates or is on extended leave. Access that user’s account and select “Deactive”. If the user has offenders assigned to them, you’ll need to reassign the offender cases to new parole/probation officers before the system will allow you to de-activate the user.

Is it possible to assign our local Designees as Compact Staff for purpose of reviewing cases or do we stick to the PO Support, PO, and PO Supervisor for the local titles?

  • No one outside of the state compact office should have the role of compact office staff. That role allows the user to approve transfer request, approve reporting instructions, make official decisions on compact cases and communicate with the receiving state.
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