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Removing Requirement for Retaking

Violation reports cannot be withdrawn once a state submitted and responded to. There are occasions when PC is not found, new information is learned, or an offender's situation changes after submission of the violation report.

Available only to receiving state Compact Office Users, a Violation Addendum can be sent to remove the retaking obligation. Once processed, the offender will no longer show on the ‘Offenders Awaiting Retaking’ Dashboard so Commission members can accurately track which offenders are currently awaiting retaking.


  1. (Receiving State) Create an Addendum to Existing Violation Report (from the Assistants tab or the offender profile.)

  2. Select violation report for which retaking is no longer required
  3. Select the “Retaking No Longer Required” option in the Recommendation section.   (It's also best practice to mark 'not available' for retaking.

    Once submitted, the new recommendation is displayed on the AVR PDF
  4. (Sending State) Select “Retaking No Longer Required” option in the Response section of the RVR  *TRAINING REMINDER:  Both states must agree to no longer retake.  Therefore, it's important the sending state also responds "Retaking no longer required"   

    After transmission to the receiving state, the new response and updated retaking requirement are displayed on the RVR PDF.

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