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Intended Departure Date

The intended departure date assists in managing Notice of Departures as well as useful for receiving states trying to determine a date to report when responded to reporting instructions request or a transfer request.  

The intended Arrival/Departure Date must be set in the future.


Once transmitted to the receiving state, the intended departure date is listed on the offender profile in the Active Compact Cases table. The sending state user can change the date up until a departure notice is transmitted.


When the receiving state completes the reporting instructions section of the RFRI or TREQ, the intended departure date is displayed at the top of the page which is useful to provide reporting instructions. 


Compact Activity PDFs

The Intended Departure Date  displays on both the RFRI and TREQ PDFs for easy reference.


Cases in Need of Departure Notice Report

Both the Proposed Release Date and the Intended Departure Date exist on the Cases in Need of Departure Notice report to assist with due dates for Notices of Departure.


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