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ICOTS User Agreement and Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy available for review is posted on the ICAOS website. The Electronic End User Agreement requires users to acknowledge they have read and agree to the ICOTS Privacy Policy.  States are still responsible for training on ICAOS Rules, ICOTS AND the privacy policy prior to providing users with an active account. All users acknowledge they have read and agree to the ICOTS privacy policy upon their initial login.  In doing so, an email is generated to the Compact Office email designated in ICOTS. 



Users are required to take the corresponding On-Demand Module and any training as directed by their state before receiving a login ID from their state compact office.

As highlighted in the training, the ICOTS Privacy Policy addresses expectations for:

  • Data Entry
  • Data Sharing
  • Data Integrity Timeframes (users must report errors within 5 business days; state administrators must clean data errors within 30 calendar days of creation)
  • Photo Requirements
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