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User's Tab-Managing Profile and Preferences

The Users Tab provides a way for you to view and edit your user and workflow information.

Note: Before you can begin the ICOTS process for the very first time you must first go to the Users tab and complete the My Profile information. This is only required once.


Name and Login

My Profile lists your user and workflow information. If your user or workflow information ever changes then make those changes here.


Note: Changing your login (email) redirects any emails the ICOTS system generates to the new address. Contact your State Administrator before you change this setting.


Your workflow settings are very important. The Reports To setting determines how outgoing managed workflow is handled through the system for the notification and review process. It also determines who is able to have access to view your active cases and pending activities. Each user manages how that is managed in ICOTS. If you report to a supervisor, his or her name is listed in this section. You can at anytime change this by entering a new name or changing your workflow to report directly to the compact office.


On Leave

Set your leave status to On Leave when you are either on leave or out of the office. When a user submits any compact activity or action to you and your status is set to On Leave that user is notified by email that you are on leave and not in the office.

  1. Default tab on Login:  Choose from Assistants (Initial default option) or Compact Workload
  2. Default tab for the Offender Profile -- Choose from Action Items, Compact Cases, Criminal Cases, Employments, Institutional History, Plan of Supervision, Residences, Violation History
  3. Default selection for Show Historical Cases:   Determine whether or not to display historical cases automatically (Do not display (Initial default option))
  4. Determine default view for Compact Cases: Nested View (Initial default option) or Classic View
  5. Determine the default tab for Users Tab:  My Profile (Initial default option) Manage Case Load (Only visible if the user has Manage Case Load rights:  Supervisors or Compact Staff)download.png  
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