ICOTS User Roles Explained

State Administrator

Creates, deactivates, and establishes roles for users. Can add case notes to its state’s cases.

Compact Office

  • Reviewer and approver of all incoming and outgoing managed processes
  • Performs functions in the absence of a PO or Supervisor
  • Can reassign cases between officers or supervisors and add case notes to its state’s cases.

Supervisors and PO Supervisors

  • Reviews entries by PO and possibly other Supervisors
  • Submits managed activities to the Compact Office Receives email notifications
  • Reassigns cases between PO users Forwards cases to other Supervisors


  • Initiates Compact functions and activities
  • Submits managed compact activities to a Supervisor or Compact Office for review
  • Receives email notifications
  • Supervises offenders

Note: There is no way for managed data to leave the state without Compact Office approval.

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