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ICOTS User Roles Explained

State Administrator (See ICOTS Administration Section for more Information)

  • Creates, deactivates, and establishes roles for users.
  • Can add case notes to its state’s cases.
  • Performs any and all functions available under the 'Administrators' Tab
    • Offender Management (Move, Merge, Delete, Expunge, Edit Demographics)
    • Edit Compact Office Contact Information displayed on both PDF forms in ICOTS and in the Public Web Portal

Compact Office

  • Reviewer and approver of all incoming and outgoing managed processes
  • Performs functions in the absence of a PO or Supervisor
  • Can reassign cases between officers or supervisors and add case notes to its state’s cases.

Supervisors and PO Supervisors

  • Reviews entries by PO and possibly other Supervisors
  • Submits managed activities to the Compact Office Receives email notifications
  • Reassigns cases between PO users Forwards cases to other Supervisors


  • Initiates Compact functions and activities
  • Submits managed compact activities to a Supervisor or Compact Office for review
  • Receives email notifications
  • Supervises offenders

Supervising Users

  • User in either the sending or receiving state designated as responsible for supervision while a case is active.  For example, when initiating a transfer, the sending state PO (or user assigned in the sending state) is also the supervising user until a Notice of Arrival is submitted by the receiving state user.  At that time, the receiving state PO (or user assigned in the receiving state) becomes the 'supervising user.'
  • User errors during a Move or Merge or when submitting a subsequent transfer on a profile (activities submitted out of order) the 'supervising user' may be assigned to the wrong individual in error.  This designation can be reassigned via manage caseload just like the assigned user designation.

Note: There is no way for managed data to leave the state without Compact Office approval.

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