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What do these ICOTS acronyms mean?

Sometimes in newsletters and helpdesk tickets, certain ICOTS terms are referenced with an acronym. Here is a list of what those acronyms mean:

ARVR - Addendum to Response to Violation Report

AVR - Addendum to Violation Report

CAR - Compact Action Request

CAR-Reply - Compact Action Request Reply

CCN - Case Closure Notice

CCN-Reply - Case Closure Notice Reply

NOA - Notice of Arrival / Arrival Notice

NOD - Notice of Departure / Departure Notice

NOFA - Notice of Failure to Arrive

OVR - Offender Violation Report

R2RFRI / RFRI-Reply - Reply to Request for Reporting Instructions

RECSTA - Receiving State

RFRI - Request for Reporting Instructions

RIs - Reporting Instructions

R2SS-RFRI - Return to Sending State Request for Reporting Instructions

RVR - Response to Violation Report

SENSTA - Sending State

TREP - Transfer Reply

TREQ - Transfer Request


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