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ICOTS Security Features

User Security Questions

When a user requests a password reset they must set 2 security questions.


The answers to those security questions will be required the next time a user requests a password reset.


Users Inactive for More Than 90 Days

State administrators now receive an email notification when an ICOTS user has been inactive for more than 90 days. The user will also be flagged on the User List report.



Time-Out Limit

The idle time-out period is 30 minutes.

Single Session Logins

An ICOTS user can only be logged into one active ICOTS session at a time. Users can not log into ICOTS from different computers or different web browsers (even on the same machine) at the same time. Users are able to log in to ICOTS in multiple tabs of the same web browsers. Users should make sure to click the "Logout" link every time before closing their web browser.

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