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Adding new ICOTS Offender


Duplicates and Junk records must be reported to your State Administrator within 5 business days of creation.  Failure to do so is a violation of the ICOTS Privacy Policy. 

Only add new records after confirming the individual does not have an ICOTS profile in the system.  Perform an ICOTS search before proceeding below.

Adding Offenders

If no matches are returned from the search, the user has the option to add a new offender right away.


If matches exist for the offender search, several steps must be performed before adding a new offender.

1.) The user must click the arrow that appears at the bottom of the search results. The arrow is not obvious and was made small intentionally. Some users ignore whatever search results they get and immediately scroll to the bottom of the page and click to add a new offender anyway.


2.) After clicking the arrow, a confirmation message and check box is displayed. The message states that an offender matching the search criteria already exists in ICOTS.


3.) To add an offender at this point, the user must click the check box that reads:

"I, {User Name}, certify this offender is not a match to any of the offender records included in the above search results. Pursuant to the ICOTS User Agreement, I confirm this is a new offender that does not already exist in ICOTS."

Once checked, an "Add" button will appear next to the confirmation message.


4.) If the user clicks the "Add" button at this point, they will see the offender demographics screen where they can fill out additional information on the offender. If the user used a date of birth in the search criteria, then that field will be grayed out. The reason being, any additional DOBs should have been used in the initial search to determine if any existing offenders were a match. The same goes for both FBI Number and State ID. If either of those identifiers are known, they should have been used in the initial search to determine if a match already exists.


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