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First Time Login / Password Reset

First Time Login

Once a state administrator creates your account, you will receive an email and can set up your password.  Note:  This should be completed within 20 minutes of receiving the email.  If after 20 minutes, simply click 'What is my Password' on the ICOTS login screen to generate a new link.

Before initially logging in, every user must confirm they have read and understand the ICOTS Privacy Policy (covering user's responsibility for data security and integrity.)


Click the 'Set Password' link in the email.


Type your new password twice and then click 'Continue'.

NOTE: Passwords must be between 8 and 15 characters in length and contain both alpha and numeric characters.


User Security Questions

When a user requests a password reset 2 security questions must be provided. 


The answers must be provided in the future when:

  1. A user changes their password (this is required automatically every 90 days)
  2. A user 'locks' their account (too many attempts with incorrect password)


Password Reset

  • Go to the ICOTS site: Click on the “What is my password again?” link.
  • Next, you will be prompted to provide your login ID. This is your email address. Enter your email address (all lowercase and with no spaces) and click 'Continue'.
  • Instructions will appear directing you to go to your email inbox and retrieve a link that is active for only 20 minutes. With this link, you can establish a password to login.
NOTICE: If you do not yet have an account with ICOTS, you must contact your state compact office to set one up, reset security questions or to unlock you account.


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