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Returning to a Sending State Reporting Instructions Quick Reference Guide

Return to a sending state during supervision is facilitated using return Reporting Instructions (See Rule 4.111.)  Be sure to VERIFY all information entered. 

Reasons for Returning Reporting Instructions

  • At the request of the supervised individual
  • After final rejection of a transfer request when prior reporting instructions allowed the individual to proceed during the investigation period
  • In lieu of retaking for either:
    • Discretionary retaking (initiated by a sending state See Rule 5.101
    • Mandatory retaking for behavior requiring retaking (strictly technical violations that would result in revocation of supervision in a receiving state.) See Rule 5.103

Required for Returning Reporting Instructions

  • Intended departure date (manage date via the Profile screen's Compact Cases tab prior to departure) 
  • Reason & detailed explanation for reporting instructions
  • Sending state address for the supervised individual (if known)
  • Sending state employment for the supervised individual (if known)

Other important notes

  • RFRIs must be replied to within 2 business day (including sex offenders)
  • If returning address is unknown, be sure to explain your efforts or reason no address is provided
  • Prevent data validation ICOTS error:  Be sure receiving state creates and submits case closure notice prior to submitting sending state notice of arrival.  See ICOTS Support Article
  • Return to sending state may not occur if the supervised individual is under active criminal investigation or is charged with a subsequent felony or violent crime in the receiving state. See Rule 4.111
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