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Compact Action Request Quick Reference Guide

Compact Action Request (CAR) is a free form communication tool that allows you to request or notify another state of any action that is not addressed by a specifically named compact process.  CARs can be linked to a formal compact activity (such as a Transfer Request or Case Closure) or labeled as ‘specialized’ (such as request for a Progress Report or relay information related to fines/fees owed, etc.)


Common communications using Compact Action Requests

  • Restitution, fines, fees, etc. owed by the supervising individual in the sending state.
  • Additional information related to why a supervision end date was changed by a sending state.
  • Corrections needed on the ICOTS profile (demographic errors, address updates, special statuses.)
  • Travel permits issued by the receiving state. See Rule 3.110.
  • Additional communication related to a preceding compact activity.
  • Initiation and communication regarding a Subsequent State Transfer.  See Rule 4.110.
  • Sending state requests for a Progress Report.  See Rule 4.106.

Compact Action Reply

  • Acknowledgement of CAR.
  • Reply to CAR request from other state.

Other important notes

  • CARs and CAR Replies are unmanaged processes.  Upon submission, emails are generated to the assigned users in the opposite state.
  • There is no way to withdraw or delete a CAR after submission.
  • To ensure compliance with Rule 2.101 use Addendums to Violations Requiring Retaking during the retaking process rather than CARs to communicate:
    • Status of the violation;
    • Location of the supervised individual;
    • Availability of the supervised individual; and
    • Probable cause documentation.
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