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Transfer Request Quick Reference Guide

A Transfer Request is required for every Compact transfer of supervision; see Rule 3.107. Be sure to VERIFY all information entered. See ICAOS’s Verification Tips Sheet.


Required for All Transfers

  • Intended departure date (manage date via the Profile screen's Compact Cases tab prior to departure) 
  • Reason & detailed justification for transfer
  • Demographic information (all known identifiers) e.g. Date of birth, FBI #, State ID, etc.
  • Address of individual, sponsor and others residing in home (if applicable)
  • Employment and/or detailed means of support
  • Instant Offense Details:  Upload police report, court document or type a narrative describing the offense in detail
  • Signed/witnessed application for transfer:  Download from ICOTS or the ICAOS website
  • Conditions of supervision:  Upload judgement, sentencing order or enter conditions manually
  • Photo:  See primary photo requirements.  Other photos may be uploaded

Required if applicable, exists and available (unless distribution is prohibited by law)

  • Pre-sentence investigation
  • Supervision history (if on supervision for more than 30 days prior to request for transfer)
  • Victim information & protective order documentation
  • Financial obligations e.g. court fines/fees, restitution, child support, etc.
  • Gang affiliation
  • Prison discipline and mental health summary (if incarcerated anytime during the last 2 years)
  • Sex Offenders (See Rules 1.101 (definition of ‘sex offender’ & 3.101-3)
    • All assessment information, including sex offender specific
    • Additional victim information (name, sex, age and relationship to the offender and the statement of the victim or victim‘s representative)
    • Sending state’s current or recommended supervision and treatment plan

Note a receiving state may request additional items needed for supervision (e.g. court order/judgement) following acceptance of the compact transfer.  Provide the requested documents within 30 calendar days.

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