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Notice of Departures & Arrivals

Upon transmission of a Departure Notice, the assigned user responsible for indicating arrival of the offender in the other state receives an email establishing a 'due date' for submission of a Notice of Arrival.  The 'due date' is the offender's 'report date' (as provided by the same state on the preceding reporting instructions/transfer approval.)   


  • As the 'due date' is established by the preceding 'report date' or 'date to report' and no activity exists to change this element after a reply is sent, the compliance measure for submitting a Notice of Arrival may not be in line with this notification.  Therefore this notification should be considered as a management tool. As stated in Rule 3.104-1 offenders are expected to report and arrive in a receiving state no later than 5 business days after departure.    
  • Additionally, in cases in which the RI reason is 'Living in the Receiving State at the Time of Sentencing' and departure occurs prior to the 'date to report' being established, notifications will not be generated as no 'due date' has been established within the ICOTS data.  As a reminder on these cases, be sure the offender is apprised of his or her reporting instructions once the reply occurs. 


The arrival notice due notification will appear like this:

From: ICOTS Notification <>
Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2019 6:01 AM
To: {Recipient Email}
Subject: A Notice of Arrival for {Sending State} offender {Offender First Name} {Offender Last Name} ({Offender_ID}) is due today.

This e-mail is a reminder that an Arrival Notice for {Sending State} offender {Offender First Name} {Offender Last Name} ({Offender_ID}) is due today (02/16/2019). Please log into ICOTS and complete it, or send a Notification of Failure to Arrive.

Offender Name: {Offender First Name} {Offender Last Name}
DOB: 04/15/1999
ICOTS Offender #: {Offender_ID}
ICOTS Case #: {Compact_Case_ID}
Sending State: {Sending State}
Receiving State: {Receiving State}
Supervision Type: Probation
Special Status: None
Offender Profile:{Offender_ID}
NOTICE: This electronic mail transmission is for the use of the named individual or entity to which it is directed and may contain information that is proprietary and/or confidential. It is not to be transmitted to or received by anyone other than the named addressee (or a person authorized to deliver it to the named addressee). It is not to be copied or forwarded to any unauthorized persons. If you have received this electronic mail transmission in error, delete it from your system immediately without copying or forwarding it, and notify the sender of the error by replying via email, so that our address record can be corrected.



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