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Troubleshooting for ICOTS Email Notifications

  1. Check with your state compact office and ensure your ICOTS account is setup correctly. Then send a test email by entering your (or the user experiencing the issue) email address via ‘what is my password’ from the ICOTS login screen.
  2. Ensure the addresses icots@globalnotifications.comand pm_bounces@pm-bounces.globalnotifications.comare set as a “Safe Sender”. Be sure to check that emails are not going to a junk mail folder. (See article for more information)https://support.interstatecompact.org/hc/en-us/articles/224743927-Not-Receiving-A-Password-Reset-Email
  3. Did the email fail to deliver, is a Hard Bounce suspected? Your state’s ICOTS administrator must provide the national office with the steps you have taken to address this issue, as well as provide contact information for the individual that provides support for your state’s email domain (this is not typically IT support). (See article for more information) https://support.interstatecompact.org/hc/en-us/articles/1500002092561-ICOTS-Emails-Not-Reaching-Some-Users 
  4. If the email is a confirmed hard bounce, your state’s ICOTS administrator must ensure that hard bounce notifications to ICOTS emails have been suppressed by your state’s email domain administrator.  Please note, users must have access to emails to utilize ICOTS. Ongoing issues may be escalated to the Commissioner for resolution.
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