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Troubleshooting for ICOTS Email Notifications

When an ICOTS user is not receiving emails, there are 3 common causes:

    1. Account is not set up correct (e.g. Ensure email address contains no typos and is all lowercase)
    2. Internal email server (on user end) quarantined the email (commonly because the emails contain links)
    3. Internal email server (on user end) has sent a “hard bounce” message to the ICOTS mail server, effectively telling ICOTS the email address doesn’t exist and future emails should be disabled

ICOTS Users should report issues to their state administrator or email administrator for troubleshooting as noted below:

  1. State administrators should confirm your ICOTS account is setup correctly. Then send a test email by entering your (or the user experiencing the issue) as well as their own email address via ‘what is my password’ from the ICOTS login screen. If one user receives an email and another does not, the issue is internal to the user's email server.
  2. Ensure the addresses are set as a “Safe Sender” and are 'white-listed' to ensure the emails are not going to a junk or quarantined mail folder.
  3. Did the email fail to deliver, is a Hard Bounce suspected? Your state’s ICOTS administrator can reactivate the email and provide the log of the hard bounce to your IT department to prevent a future hard bounces.


Experiencing an error logging in after successfully resetting your password?  Click here for assistance.  

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