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5-2008i - Managing Expiration/Supervision End Dates

Training Bulletin 5-2008i CoverTraining Bulletin 5-2008i explains how to manage expiration and supervision end dates Only the user assigned an offender’s record in the sending state has the ability to change an offender’s supervision end date(s). The date becomes an editable field only after a receiving state accepts a transfer.

Most commonly, supervision end date(s) may require a change based on the following reasons:

  1. Date was entered wrong when the initial Transfer Request was made.
  2. Based on a Progress Report, the supervision term is changed.
  3. Based on a Violation Report, the supervision term is changed.

Q: When changing the supervision end date, is an email generated notifying the receiving state and what's the best way to provide information to the receiving state so they can inform the offender if needed as to why the term of supervision was modified?

A: As the sending state determines the length of supervision, modifications may be necessary for a variety of reasons.  These may include sentencing miscalculations, good time credits, etc.  An email is sent to the receiving state upon modification of the supervision end date and it is best practice the sending state follow up with a Compact Action Request selecting 'Supervision Update/Request' as the specialization.

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