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1-2023i Warrant Execution Management

Effective July 27, 2023

At Issue When the Warrant Status should be ‘Executed’

The ‘Warrant Status’ special status allows states to document and track compact compliant warrants when they are required for retaking and absconders.  The warrant special status relies on timely and accurate data entry, which for most ICOTS users requires communication with external stakeholders throughout the warrant issuance and retaking process.  Employing consistent practices for managing the warrant status, such as when a warrant should be considered ‘executed,’ are imperative for ensuring current and accurate documentation. 

'Executing' a warrant AFTER retaking encourages thorough documentation during the retaking process and prevents the 'warrant needed' emails from being triggered again.


Best Practice Examples to Incorporate Warrant Checks with Existing Activity Review Processes

Case Closure & Case Closure Reply Review

When sending state compact offices receive case closures for the reason ‘retaken by sending state,’ staff should review the offender’s profile to ensure the warrant is ‘executed’ (removing the active warrant) and the retaking process has concluded.   This can also be confirmed upon transmission of the case closure reply.



Execution w/o NCIC Verification

If NCIC verification was not documented prior to arrest and retake, explain on the warrant record as a comment and select 'withdraw.'   IMPORTANT:  NCIC entry is required for ALL warrants required by ICAOS rules.  These instructions should not be construed that NCIC entry is not required, but rather to provide guidance in circumstances when the sending state fails to confirm or document NCIC entry. This allows a sending state to analyze trends and identify improvements needed in its warrant documentation processes.


Retransferring Reporting Instructions after Violation Hearing

When compact staff receives a request for reporting instructions for retransfer following a violation hearing, they should check the offender profile to confirm there is no 'active warrant' status associated with the profile.

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