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Manage Case Load

Manage Caseload is used to reassign cases and activities from one user to another.

  • PO Supervisors can reassign from and to themselves and any PO or Supervisor
  • Compact Office can reassign ANY user of ANY role to another user of ANY role.


  1. The first screen allows you to choose the user you wish to reassign from based on their role.
  2. A list will appear of that user’s entire case load unless specific case criteria were entered. A similar set of drop down choices appear to choose which user the case or cases will be transferred.
  3. Once a case is reassigned, ICOTS creates a Case Note which records the details of the reassignment, including the date and time.

Users can reassign individual compact cases for a single offender regardless of whether both cases are assigned to the same user. 


Reassigning Action Items only

Most relevant to users with PO Supervisor Role

Users are not assigned a case, but has pending action items assigned to them that may also be reassigned via the Manage Case Load Feature in the same manner.

The Level of Interest Column states the user “Has Action Items For” but does indicate the user is the "Supervising User of," "Sending user for," or "Receiving user for." 

Common occurrences include:

  • Supervisor delegated an activity (delegate means this user is designated to make the assignment for the activity)
  • Supervisor awaiting review of an activity for managed processes
    • A PO submits a Transfer Request to their supervisor, the PO is still the Supervising User for the offender, but the supervisor has a pending action to review the Transfer Request. The case doesn’t move with it.
  • Alternate user assigned to reply to a managed process (i.e. Violation Report Response, Case Closure Response, etc.)
    • Managed Supervision Activities such as OVRs and Case Closure can only be initiated by the supervising user in the receiving state, but upon receipt in the sending state, the compact office can delegate or assign to another user to complete the replies.

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