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2023 Special Presentations (APAI, APPA)

The Future of ICAOS, The Next 20 Years

On January 24th, the Commission presented at the American Probation and Parole Association Winter Training Institute in Columbus, Ohio. There, community supervision and judicial professionals learned the general principles and purposes of the Interstate Compact as well as heard challenges highlighted in a recent study conducted by the University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute and in a recently released documentary, The Road Home.  Participants discussed effective strategies for improving communication and cooperation with internal stakeholder and with other states, two key elements of the Interstate Compact. 

Interstate Compact for the Parole Board Member

On April 17, the Commission presented at the Association of Paroling Authorities International Training Institute in Kansas City, Missouri.  Participants learned about:

  • Common decision-making points and implications of the interstate compact rules and processes
  • The impact of addressing offender behavior in the community responsible for supervision to promote offender success
  • Factual, legal, procedural, and resource issues that arise frequently in violation cases for compact offenders 
  • Documentation requirements and data relied upon for potential revocation by the releasing state when supervision is not successful
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