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Compact Workload Search

Use the Compact Workload Search to find active cases in which you are associated.  

Activity Type search displays cases with the selected activity pending.

For example, if you select Transfer Request and click Search, the Compact Workload table should only display those cases where a Transfer Request is pending some sort of action (completion, review, etc.)

Pending Activity Only check box narrows down results to only those cases where an action needs to be taken. Note:  the action may not be awaiting action specific to the user performing the search.  

Search My Cases Only radio button will narrow down your Compact Workload to only cases assigned to you.  This search is only available to those users with a Supervisor or Compact Office role.


The Compact Workload search criteria by default is the criteria you used.  This helps users that perform the same search over and over again be efficient.

Use the 'Reset' button to clear your previous search results as needed.  Particularly if you receive a message stating 'No remaining records to display' unexpectedly.



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