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Helpdesk Overview

As of May 1, 2011 the ICAOS national office is the sole provider of ICOTS helpdesk support for state compact offices.

Benefits for States

There are several benefits states will experience from this transition to a national office-only ICOTS helpdesk.

1. Single Point of Contact

  • The designated ICOTS contact in each state compact office will no longer need to guess who to send their issue request to. All ICOTS issues will be sent to the ICOTS Helpdesk at the national office.

2. Simple Ticket Submission

  • Users do not need to change how they report issues with ICOTS as all tickets can be submitted and updated via email.

3. Ticket Tracking

  • Users will also be able to check the status of their open tickets and review their past ticket submissions.

4. No Additional Accounts

  • Users won’t need to memorize any additional usernames and passwords to login to the Helpdesk portal, as you simply need to use your ICAOS website username and password.

Helpdesk Portal

The helpdesk portal is located at The portal is the central location for all ICOTS support. It contains the knowledge base and allows users to submit tickets and check the status of previously submitted tickets.

Here's what you can do from the ICOTS Helpdesk:

For more information on usingthe ICOTS helpdesk, review the attached powerpoint presentation or check out more articles in the Helpdesk Assistance section of the knowledge base.

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