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Warrant Status Dashboard (Retaking)


The Warrant Tracking Dashboard tracks warrant status entries and provides an audit tool for managing compact compliant warrants.   This dashboard tracks:

  • Status of warrant entries
  • Timeline of warrant entries
  • Compact activity trigger for warrant entries

Why is warrant tracking important?

  • Commissioners and DCAs are directly responsible to ensure compliance with ICAOS rules, this includes ensuring timeframes for warrant issuance.
  • Documents steps states encounter when issuing warrants.  This is important as in most states issuing compact compliant warrants for retaking involve various stakeholders to ensure compliance with ICAOS rules.  
  • Assists states to identify trends or issues with various agencies involved in warrant issuance.
  • Allows warrant related information to be entered on the offender profile in ICOTS, thus communicating the warrant details to a receiving state pending apprehension.


Use Excel Export (to a pivot table format) for optimal reporting results.  Export details include*:

  • Warrant Status (Active, Withdrawn or Executed)
  • Type of Warrant Entry (Created, Updated, Authorization Confirmed (NCIC verification), etc.)
  • Various dates (Warrant requested, issued, NCIC entry, NCIC verified, etc.)
  • Issuing authority & contact details
  • Retaking authority & contact details
  • General comments

*Level of details available on the report depends on data entered on the warrant records.  States should set standards for its users for both mandatory and non-mandatory field entry expectations.  See Warrant Status details for more information.


Complimenting Reports:

  • Violation Summary Info-Outgoing Cases:  Identifies violation reports requiring retaking that trigger need for warrant submitted within a specified timeframe.
  • Offenders Awaiting Retaking-Outgoing Cases: Identifies which individuals are currently pending retaking via warrant [Availability =Yes & Latest Violation Response = 'Warrant Requested/Issued' 
  • Retaking Management Dashboard:  Also sent in biannual emails to Commissioners, this report provides a summary of retaking activity including a snapshot of current active warrants and number of individuals awaiting retaking.  This report also provides number of individuals retaken (specifying also number retransferred) during a determined timeframe.   
  • Transmitted Activities-Outgoing Cases:  Filtering by 'Arrive Failure' and 'DiscRetake' identifies other warrant triggering activities sent within a specified timeframe.
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