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Transfer Request Training Scenarios

Scenario 1: Parolee transfer Texas to California

A Texas soon to be parolee, Jaime Moore, requests transfer to California upon release. He has been working with his release coordinator in hopes to have his transfer approved at the time of release. There, his adult daughter has offered support. Step through completion of the transfer request in the demonstration below. As a reminder, for incarcerated individuals, transfers may be requested up to 120 days prior to the planned release date (See Rule 3.105)

Scenario 2: Probation transfer Kentucky to North Carolina

Three year North Carolina resident, Diane Smith, was traveling through Kentucky last year when charged with a felony possession charge for dangerous drugs. Pending disposition of her case, she continued to live at her residence in North Carolina. Upon conviction, she was sentenced to 5 years probation and allowed to return to her residence. Step through completion of the request for reporting instructions (which provides permission to be in the receiving state during the investigation) and transfer request in the demonstration below.


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