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Compliance & Due Date Reports Overview


ICAOS Commissioners & DCAs monitor and ensure compliance with ICAOS rules for their states. The Compliance reports provide at-a-glance compliance with specific activity timeframes with the ability to drill down to user compliance to identify training needs. In addition, 'due date' reports are available complimenting the ICOTS workload and email notifications to assist states with maintaining compliance.

Use these reports to learn:

  • How your state (or specific users or regions) perform(s) with timeframe compliance for investigating a transfer request or responding to a violation report requiring retaking.
  • What cases have supervision end dates approaching.

Available Reports


Important Compliance Tip!

Compact offices should refrain from using the send back feature state-to-state as this action can affect compliance. Depending on the circumstances or correction needed, consider alternate documentation or communication involving administrative errors or to request withdraw of a managed activity. 

For example address, employment, phone number corrections can be made from the offender's profile screen.  More substantial corrections or incomplete transfer requests should be denied as there is less administrative effort when a sending state creates a new transfer request based on a rejected one. 


States should also not use the send back feature to challenge or request withdraw of another state's violation report.  Corrections to availability, location, PC status, etc. can be more easily and timely addressed by the use of addendums.  If a state is failing at their review obligations, that should be brought to the DCA and Commissioner's attention promptly, not through continued rejections or using 'send back' state-to-state.

See Compact Office Functions for more information


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