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ICAOS Dashboards Overview

Commissioners, Deputy Compact Administrators and other designated Compact Office staff can access more than 50 dashboards covering activity due dates, compliance performance, administrative oversight and compact activity history.

Login with your ICAOS website credentials to get started:

Screenshot from the Active Compact Cases dashboard:


Screenshot from the Active Compact Cases Offense Details dashboard:




In addition to providing easy to understand data visualization tools and charts, the dashboard platform also include the following benefits:

  • Fast performance - Changing a filter variable will refresh the dashboard in a couple seconds
  • Data visualization tools provide at-a-glance understanding -  Easy-to-read charts and graphs
  • One-click export of detailed reports to CSV or Excel - Manipulate and review the data in your own spreadsheet
  • One-click printing of all reports to PDF - Save, print, and email dashboards easily
  • Multi-browser support


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