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Code Release 38.0 - ICOTS Enhancements 6/1/22-New Warrant Special Status, Discretionary Retaking & Offender Management updates

On Wednesday, June 1, 2022 Appriss pushed the code for new ICOTS enhancements to production. The enhancements involve new functionality for tracking warrant status, a new compact activity for discretionary retaking, and changes to the offender management screens.

Warrant Status

Warrant status is a special status used to track warrants required by ICAOS rules.  When a warrant record is active, the 'Active Warrant' special status displays on the profile screen.  Warrant status is only visible from the profile screen.  This feature is not associated with specific compact cases or activities. Read more about the new Warrant Status Special Status.

Discretionary Retaking

The Discretionary Retaking activity communicates the Sending State’s intent to Retake under Rule 5.101 (b) ‘retake an offender via warrant’. Read more about how the new Discretionary Retaking activity functions.

Offender Management

In addition to the two new functional enhancements to ICOTS, changes to the duplicate offender management screens were also launched. The changes were added to help in the following areas:

  1. Stop the creation of requests stuck in limbo (un-submitted delete, merge, and move case requests)
  2. Stop reassignment of cases where the offender is involved in pending delete, merge, or move case request
  3. Stop creation of merge requests where one or more associated compact cases are active




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