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FY23 Warrant Tracking Dashboard (February 2023)

The ICOTS warrant tracking tool launched June 2022 allows sending states to track warrants within ICOTS during retaking process or after report of an absconder. This session will review the Warrant Status Dashboard as well as other dashboards available for managing warrants and auditing data entry.  In addition, members of the DCA Liaison Committee will provide examples and share the benefits of the warrant tracking tools.

Why is warrant tracking important?

  • Commissioners and DCAs are directly responsible to ensure compliance with ICAOS rules, this includes ensuring timeframes for warrant issuance.
  • Documents various steps states encounter when issuing warrants.  This is important as in most states issuing compact compliant warrants for retaking involve various stakeholders to ensure compliance with ICAOS rules.  
  • Assists states to identify trends or issues with various agencies involved in warrant issuance.
  • Allows warrant related information to be entered on the offender profile in ICOTS, thus communicating the warrant details to a receiving state pending apprehension.

This training is hosted by the DCA Liaison Committee and the ICAOS National Office

Click here for functionality details of the Warrant Status-Special Status


February 21st  10 am ET

February 21st   2 pm ET

February 22nd  2 pm ET



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