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2022 Special Presentations

APPA Winter Institute February 2, 2022:  The Commission presented at the American Probation and Parole Association Winter Training Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. There, community supervision and judicial professionals learned how the Interstate Compact creates circumstances for successful supervision related to life stability, positive family relationships, means of support, and access to resources or programs that benefit those on supervision. The workshop focused on good transfer verification and documentation as well as the importance of communication and interstate business.

APAI Annual Training Conference May 3, 2022:  The Commission presented at the Association of Paroling Authorities International Training Conference in San Diego, California.  The training covered the parole board’s roles in the interstate processes as well as best practices of a few member states’ efforts to engage and educate parole board members. As the Interstate Compact is comprised of 53 states and territories, this role can also look very different state to state. Parole boards may not only be involved in the transfer process when an offender leaves your state, but for some states parole board members are involved in returning an offender whose supervision was not successful under the compact or even involved in the supervision decisions of an out of state offender. 

National Association of Extradition Officials June 9, 2022:  The Commission presented at the National Association of Extradition Officials in Austin, Texas.  The training covered interstate compact considerations and challenges for extradition.   Attendees consisted of officials from law enforcement, corrections, governors and attorney generals' offices.

APPA Summer Institute August 30, 2022:  Description & Presentation Coming Soon!

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