Code Release 36.1 - ICOTS Help Points - Second Batch 9/16/20

On Wednesday, September 16, 2020 Appriss pushed the second batch of training help points to ICOTS.

As described in the announcement for the first batch, the ICOTS Help Points were designed to replace and improve upon the ICOTS User Guide PDF. Instead of a large and cumbersome document that's difficult to update, easy to understand tips and explanations will now be integrated within the application itself.

There are two types of help points now in ICOTS:

  • A small blue "hover-over" question mark icon. When a user hovers their cursor over the icon, a text bubble pops up on the screen with helpful information and links.
  • A link title "More help" next to important topics. When a user clicks on this link a new tab opens with helpful information, graphics, and links. 

This second batch of help points cover the following areas:

  • Compact Workload Search
  • Compact Activities:
    • Notice of Departure
    • Notice of Arrival
    • Notice of Failure to Arrive
    • Progress Report
    • Violation Report
    • Addendum to Violation Report
    • Response to Violation Report
    • Addendum to Response to Violation Report
    • Case Closure Notice
    • Case Closure Notice Response
    • Case Note
    • Compact Action Request
    • Compact Action Request Reply
  • Offenders tab:
    • Offender Search
    • Offender Profile
    • Manage Offender Demographics
    • Manage Special Statuses

The remainder of the ICOTS screens and compact activities will be covered in one more code release in the coming month.

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