If return reporting instructions are requested and the offender changes his/her mind, how do I withdraw the request?

Managed activities with replies such as a request for return reporting instructions can be withdrawn prior to reply from the sending state.  The assigned user in the receiving state can withdraw the request from the offender's profile screen. 

If the sending state has replied (approving the request,) the sending state can withdraw the approval to prevent the case from showing a return date on the Cases in Need of Notice of Departure Report.  For reminder tips on this report, see the article below.


If the Notice of Departure has been submitted, there is no action needed other than noting the status of the case on the offender's profile.  

If the Notice of Arrival has been submitted, the supervising state is permanently changed to the sending state on the ICOTS record.  If the offender is/did not return the case must be reentered into ICOTS.

As a reminder withdrawing activities is a permanent action.  

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