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Unable to submit Case Closure Notice when Primary Address is Blank (returning offender after bad Move or Merge)

Anytime a receiving state user is unable to create a case closure due to a 'lack of a primary address' identify the supervising state and request an address be entered into the offender's profile.  This action will resolve the error.

See training notes below from the 2019 release that allows for reporting instructions request without an address.


Training Notes from Returning Offender Enhancement June 2019: 

  • Remind users to submit NOD and Case Closure upon departure of the offender.  For cases in which the returning address is 'unknown,' pre-mature submission of these activities and the NOA by the sending state change the primary address of the offender to 'NULL' and may prevent creation of a subsequent Case Closure.  In such instances, the sending state should update the address in ICOTS. 
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