Code Release 35.0.0 - ICOTS Enhancements 4/1/2020

On Wednesday, April 1, 2020, 3 enhancement and 2 bug fixes were launched in ICOTS to address approved rule amendments.  Full list of the Rule Amendments and the updated Rules can be found on the ICAOS main website.

The description of the changes are as follows:

1.) New Verbiage on Absconder Violation Report - 

Ensures adequate documentation regarding contact attempts is reported to the sending state


2.) New 'Sex Offender' Definition & Management  - 

The 'sex offender' defintion per ICAOS Rules and special status are now solely managed by the sending state.  Receiving state may notify of sex offender registration requirements via Transfer Reply or Progress Report as a condition impose by the receiving state.  

Transfer Request & Reporting Instructions Request:

New Sex Offender Detail Screen



Transfer Request Reply & Progress Report:

New condition option for 'Sex offender Registration' for the Receiving State to notify of registration requirements


PDF Update for ALL activities:  'Registered' removed from PDFs indicating special status of Sex Offender


Training Notes: 

  • Sex offender designation management still exists on the Offender's Profile but is managed by the Sending State ONLY.
  • A small number of cases marked as a registered sex offender in the RECEIVING STATE ONLY prior to April 1st no longer show the ‘sex offender’ status. Commissioners and/or DCAs may request a list of these cases by the National Office

3.) New Documentation Requirements on Progress Report  - 

New field was added to the Progress Report for the Receiving State to provide responses to Incentives & Sanctions imposed  on the offender.



Bug Fixes:

  • Subsequent State error defaulting to initial receiving state when initiating from offender profile addressed (Problem #115644)
  • ICOTS 'Cases Processed Report': column for ICOTS Number expanded and True/False field fixed (Problem #115896)
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