Code Release 34.3.0 - ICOTS Enhancement 5/8/2019

On Wednesday, May 8, 2019, three new enhancements and one bug fix were launched in ICOTS.  This is the third of several enhancement releases to take place during FY 2019.

The description of the changes are as follows:

1.) Modify Check Boxes on the Transfer Request PDF - When ICOTS was first launched, the check boxes at the bottom of the transfer request were taken directly from the old Microsoft Word version. A lot of the items were outdated as soon as ICOTS went live, and several became outdated soon after.


All outdated items were removed from the checklist on the transfer request. The check boxes are auto-populated depending on information entered while filling out the activity on the compact workload. Here is the list of check boxes that now appear on the activity PDF:

  • Notice, if applicable, indicating supervision of offender is a victim sensitive crime
  • Signed Offender's Application for Interstate Compact Transfer form
  • Photograph of offender
  • Conditions of supervision
  • Any orders restricting offender's contact with victim
  • Any orders protecting offender from contact with any other person
  • Information about whether offender is subject to sex offender requirements in sending state supporting document
  • Instant offense details including type and severity of crime
  • Information relating to court-ordered financial obligations
  • Pre-sentence investigation report
  • Supervision history
  • Recent institutional history


2.) Remove offender address from Offender Application - Having the offender's address appear on the application document that an offender signs has been problematic for several reasons. Most common are that the primary residence changes before the transfer request investigation is completed or that the primary residence has yet to be determined at the time the offender signs the application and is left blank.


The first statement on the application PDF no longer lists the offender's address, only the sending and receiving states for the compact case.

3.) Generate Notifications when Notice of Arrival is Due for Returning Offenders - ICOTS Release 34.1.0 included an enhancement for reminder notifications on Notice of Arrivals being due. That update didn't include those for offenders returning to the sending state. This enhancement adds those same reminder notifications for notice of arrivals due by the sending state after a departure notice is sent by the receiving state.




Bug Fix: Historical employment items showing up on the progress report PDF (Problem #114964) - A bug was identified in the spring that historical employment items were showing up on the progress report PDF, even if new employment info was entered. This bug fix addresses that problem.

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