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Code Release 33.1.0 - ICOTS Enhancements 1/31/18

On Wednesday, January 31, 2018 three new user experience enhancements were launched in ICOTS. While some future enhancements around new functionality will require training and informational materials, these enhancements were requested to improve user experience and should make ICOTS more intuitive.

This is the second of several enhancement releases to take place during FY 2018. 

The descriptions of each change are as follows:

1.) Require confirmation upon adding instant offense details - A new statement and check box was added to ensure users are cautious when entering criminal case details.  Information entered on this screen defines the workflow for an ICOTS case and cannot be edited upon submission. 


 2.) New 'count' option for NCIC offense codes - When providing NCIC offense information, counts may be indicated rather than entering the same criminal code multiple times. 


 3.) New 'Reason for Rejection' summary  - A new summary option has been added to the Transfer Request rejection screen.  This information will also allow for future reporting capabilities for analysis of why a case is rejected.  As a reminder to Compact Office Staff, for incoming Transfer Requests, do not 'return' the activity as a means of rejecting a transfer request.  This practice not only imposes a potential negative impact to your state's compliance, creates more work for the sending state and can cause confusion, it also will prevent the ability to pull accurate  data this enhancement is intended to provide.   


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