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What is a 'participant' for the DCA Mentoring Program?

The DCA "Participant" is either a new appointed Deputy Compact Administrator or is recommended to the DCA Mentoring Program by his or her Commissioner to request assistance in resolving a specific compliance issue in their state.  

How do I get started?

Upon electing to partipate, the assigned Mentor (assignment for the mentor is made by the DCA Regional Chair in consultation with the DCA Liaison Committee Chair) and DCA Participant will identify any goals and review the assessment information provided by the DCA.  (See the overview section & AppendixTypically formally mentoring is assigned for one year, but can vary based on the needs and goals identified.

What are my responsibilities?

The DCA Mentoring Program is a formal process requiring both the participant and the mentor to remain engaged in order to achieve goals or to assist in resolving issues.  At the initial meeting with your assigned mentor, both the mentor and you as the participant sign the worksheet, agreeing to remain engaged and participant in activities recommended by your mentor.

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