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What is a mentor for the DCA Mentoring Program?

It is the responbility of the DCA Regional Chair to assess the needs and goals of the participant and assign a mentor in consultation with the DCA Liaison Committee Chair.  A mentor has demonstrated an understanding of the role of the Compact office and is recognized for their communication skills. The DCA Liaison Committee Regional Chair may elect to act in the capacity of the mentor

What is required of the DCA Mentor?

The mentor reviews the pre-program assessment, prepares the Mentor worksheet  (includes agreement for participating,) assigns activities to the participant and submits reports (typically quarterly) on the progress of the participant while active in the program.   

At a minimum, the assigned mentor will be required to do the following:

  • Identify goals, issues, and interests of the participant
  • Review the role, expectations and responsibilities of the DCA on a regional and national level
  • Review the role, expectations and responsibilities of the Compact office
  • Review the role, expectations and responsibilities of their individual state compact office
  • Review ICAOS rules, advisory opinions and dispute resolution process
  • Review training opportunities and tools made available by the National Office 
  • Review role of ICAOS committees, officers, region chairs, and National Office staff.
  • Encourage active participation in regional meetings

How are activities documented?

Online surveys (see program overview & Appendix) allow for easy online reporting.  The national office staff can provide access to the assessment submissions and assistance for mentor submissions of quarterly reports.  The Mentor Worksheet is a one-page reference for documenting timeframes and progress during the program.

Can I request logistical assistance from the national office to schedule meetings with the participant?

Yes, the national office can schedule web conferences to review documents with the participant, show resources as needed as well as can provide additional assistance in locating resources.  Onsite meetings/travel for mentoring purposes requires pre-approval.  The mentor and/or participant may submit a request to the DCA Liaison Chair to be approved in consultation with the ICAOS Executive Director.

Mentor Program Forms (for offline usage although encouraged to use online submission forms when possible)

Mentor Worksheet

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