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Notification Triggers

ICOTS VINEWatch provides notifications to interested victims for ICOTS related actions.  Registrations may be tailored to only include notifications the victim wishes to receive.

Emergency (E) notifications occur every 2 hours after ICOTS action occurs for 24 hours if no PIN is provided.  Non-Emergency notifications are suppressed from 9 pm - 7 am ET.


VINEWatch Notification

ICOTS Action/Activity


Requested  transfer to another state
RFRI or TR transmitted    Yes
Approval of requested transfer Approved TR Reply transmitted    Yes
Offender address change Primary residence is updated    No
Violation of supervision conditions OVR transmitted    Yes
Offender departed the  state NOD transmitted    Yes
Offender arrived in the destination state
NOA transmitted    Yes
Offender departed but  never  arrived in the destination state
NOA transmitted indicating Failure to Report    Yes
Offender's supervision has ended
Case closed in ICOTS    No
Offender is considered an absconder
OVR transmitted where OVR Type = Absconder    Yes
Unsuccessful Notification N/A   ----
Victim registration confirmation N/A    No

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