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How to Export/Print External Dashboard Reports to Excel and Other Formats

Reporting in SiSense (Software used for ICOTS Dashboard Reports)

Downloading widgets and dashboards as various file types is useful for sharing your data with stakeholder or including in your reports and presentations.  See More

Exporting Widgets

You can download widgets in one of the following formats depending on the widget type:

  • CSV
  • Excel
  • Image
  • PDF

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Creating PDFs

When you need to take copies of your dashboards with you for meetings or sharing with others, you can generate a PDF report of your dashboard.

By clicking the 5-26-2023_3-36-05_PM.png icon on your dashboard, you can customize your dashboard’s appearance through the PDF Report Settings page. After you have defined how your dashboard is to be displayed, you can download your dashboard locally as a PDF.

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Customizing PDFs

Through the Sisense PDF Report Settings, you can customize and create formatted email reports and PDFs according to your requirements.  In View and Edit mode, you can define your dashboard’s orientation, its layout, and what is displayed in the header and footer on your report.

After you have customized your report, you can save the settings and use them when sharing reports, or download the report as a PDF.

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Exporting Tables

Excel Pivot Table:  When you export a pivot table to Excel, the data that is exported is the data that is displayed in your widget. This means that any active filters, layout structure, and masks that are applied in Sisense to your data are exported as well. Exporting to Excel maintains your pivot’s layout and structure, and values such as sub-totals, which are not maintained when you export a pivot table to CSV.  Learn More

PDF:  When you export your table to PDF, the entire table is included.  Through the PDF Report Settings page, you can customize how your table is displayed in your PDF report including the table’s orientation and page size.  Learn More

Widget to CSV/Excel:  Export widgets in the CSV or Excel format display and exports (filtered) data according to the currently selected filters.  Learn More

Downloading Images

Image:  You can download the dashboard as an image. This can be useful for including the dashboard in a presentation, web site, etc.  Learn More

Widget Image:  You can download a widget as an image (PNG format).  The image size will reflect the size of the widget on the screen when you download it.  Learn More

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