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Duplicate Offender Report

I found several offenders on the Duplicate Offender Report in ICOTS that either aren't associated with my state or aren't actually duplicates of each other. How do I get them off the report?

According to the detailed description of the report:

"This report displays offenders with duplicated names and either matching birthdates or social security numbers. Only offenders in which the selected state has an interest are displayed, or offenders that duplicate other offenders in which the selected state has an interest."

Your state may only have a case associated with one of the duplicate offender records. Instead of leaving both offenders off the report entirely, ICOTS includes that offender record in case you wish to contact one of the other states associated with the record to take action. Otherwise, you would never know there as a potential duplicate of one of your state's offenders.

As for offender records that may not be duplicates of each other, ICOTS only offers this report as a list of potential duplicate offender records. It should be used as a tool to help identify duplicates, not as a definite list of all duplicates in ICOTS.

Some offender profiles may have the same first name, last name and date of birth, but have different social security numbers and even races. ICOTS would still include those two records on the duplicate offender list as potential duplicates. The same goes for offender records with the same name and social security number, but different dates of birth. ICOTS would also include those two profiles on the report. 

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    Soynia Arnold

    I'm really confused about the Duplicate Offenders List.  I'm new in my unit and one of my assignments is to maintain this list. The instructions I was given are very vague.  I'm I responsible for deleting these offenders from the list?  The only thing I've seen in the User's Guide is a brief description of what the list is.  Please help me as I really would like to know more of what I'm expected to do when running this report.  I'm attaching one of my most recent reports.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation and assistance in this matter.


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