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Annual Progress Report Due Dates By Sending State

Uses: Knowing the due dates of progress reports coming up in the near future allows compact offices to be proactive in fulfilling the rule-based requirement of an annual progress report. This report allows compact offices to get ahead of upcoming due dates instead of relying on overdue reports and email notifications.

Description: List of all compact cases from the sending state that have an annual progress report due within a date range. Case details include compact case ID, offender ID, offender name, sending state, receiving state, probation, parole, sending user, sending supervisor, sending user counties, and progress report due date. An annual is due 365 days after the last progress report was transmitted, 365 days after the notice of arrival was submitted, or 365 days after a legacy case was opened. The report can be filtered on receiving state, sending state, supervision type and date range. The default date range is the next 30 days.

Report: https://www.interstatecompact.org/icots-external-reports



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