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Active Offenders By Sending State

Description: List of all active offenders from the sending state as of the last data upload. An offender is considered active with either an open legacy case or an accepted tranfer case with a transmitted notice of arrival in the receiving state. List can be filtered on sending state, receiving state, and supervision type.

Report: https://www.interstatecompact.org/icots-external-reports


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    Xavier Donnelly

    * NOTICE *

    The data we receive from Appriss aggregates the offender table for several fields. Two of these are the sending state and receiving state fields. If the offender had an active case at any time, regardless if it was later closed, the corresponding sending and receiving states on that case are saved to the offender table we receive. 

    At this time, this is the most accurate representation we can provide for lists of actively supervised offenders.

    The active compact cases reports by sending state and by receiving state on the other hand should be much more accurate, as those reports do not pull the sending and receiving state from the offender table, but from the compact case table. This ensures that all cases match the criteria selected for the report, as there can only be one sending or receiving state for a compact case.


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