Code Release 29.6.0 - ICOTS Enhancements 5/27/15

ICOTS Code Release 29.6 - Intended Departure Date

ICOTS 29.6 code release went into production on May 27, 2015 and implemented the development items below:

The Intended Departure Date is now captured when a user submits a request for reporting instructions or a transfer request. This information is useful for receiving states trying to determine a date to report for an offender. 

Intended Departure Date on RFRI & TREQ

When completing the reason section of the RFRI or TREQ, a user is now required to complete the Intended Arrival/Departure Date. The date must be set in the future.


Once transmitted to the receiving state, the intended departure date is listed on the offender profile in the Active Compact Cases table. The sending state user can change the date up until a departure notice is transmitted.


When the receiving state is completing the reporting instructions section of the RFRI or TREQ, the intended departure date is displayed at the top of the page. This information should be useful for the user in determining an appropriate date to report.


Compact Activity PDFs

The new Intended Departure Date field is now displayed on both the RFRI and TREQ PDFs for easy reference.


Cases in Need of Departure Notice Report

Two additional columns have been added to the Cases in Need of Departure Notice report, proposed release date and intended departure date. These fields should provide useful information for compact offices reviewing the report.


Default Dates for Pending Activities

If an RFRI or TREQ was submitted into workflow, but not yet responded to, a default date of 6/25/2015 (30 days out) was set for the intended departure date. This date can be changed up until the NOD is sent. 

Duplicate Offender List

A new column, Pending Move, has been added to the Duplicate Offender List report. If the value in the field is "Y", then a pending move case request already exists involving that offender.


Outstanding Bugs

One outstanding issue was also addressed in this release:

  1. Problem #109835 - Overdue Case Closure Notifications were being sent out incorrectly, even when the CCN was already transmitted



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  • There are several cases for which I have completed a Transfer Request however the Departure Date remains blank, there is no date reflected and the field can not be edited.


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