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Code Release 29.3.0 - ICOTS Enhancements 2/25/15

ICOTS Code Release 29.3.0 - Enhancements & Bug Fixes

ICOTS 29.3 code release went into production on February 25, 2015 and implemented the development items described below:

Notice of Failure to Arrive

Upon selecting "Notice of Arrival" either from the Assistants tab or the offender profile, the user will be asked if the offender arrived in the receiving state.


If the user selects "No", they will be directed to the Notice of Failure to Arrive (NOFA) activity.


The NOFA shows up on the activity history and the PDF as "Notice of Failure to Arrive".


Once a NOFA is transmitted, the sending state PO and sending state compact office both receive an email notification that the offender failed to arrive in the receiving state. With a NOFA, supervising authority does not transfer to the receiving state. So a case closure notice is not required.

The sending state can withdraw the compact case or the receiving state can transmit a valid Arrival Notice when the offender does arrive.

*Cases in Need of Arrival Notice Report - Some states have asked why cases with a Notice of Failure to Arrive still show up on this report. A NOFA does not preclude the need for an arrival notice on the case, it only documents in ICOTS that the offender did not arrive in the receiving state on or around the date to report. A subsequent Notice of Arrival can still be submitted by the receiving state, moving supervisory authority to the receiving state PO and thereby completing the transfer process. Also, there seems to be confusion as to this report being an "Overdue" report. Since the rules do not dictate the length of time required to transmit an NOA, the report can't deem them 'overdue'. The report only indicates that a Notice of Departure was sent and ICOTS expects a Notice of Arrival on the case.

Outstanding Bugs

Several issues were also addressed in this release:

  1. "Logged in from different IP" error message for users that were not logged in on another computer
  2. CAR-Reply not showing the correct contact information and dates on the PDF
  3. RFRI-Reply PDF displays incorrect Victim Sensitive checkbox
  4. Address and contact for Resident Family AND Employment or Means of Support is shown on the TREQ PDF after the reason for transfer changes
  5. In RFRI assistant for RFRIs built off rejected RFRIs, the RFRIs that were withdrawn are displayed


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