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Code Release 16.0 - ICOTS Enhancements 12/7/11

ICOTS 16.0 code release is in production on December 7, 2011 and implements the development items described below:

Email Notifications

The following email notifications work properly:

  • Overdue Transfer Request after Expedited Reporting Instructions
    • Generate 7 days after approved reporting instructions. Details
  • Overdue Case Closure
    • Generate upon supervision end date and do not generate when a compact case includes a criminal case with lifetime supervision. Details
  • Offenders in the receiving without approved reporting instructions. Details
  • Violation Report Response reminders

Show Full Preview

On the action items review screen, the “Show the Full Preview” link returns the user to the full preview after generating the activity PDF.


Transfer Request & Transfer Request Reply

Selecting “Lives by Self” and entering a phone number populates to the Transfer Request PDF. Issue details


Descriptions for “discretionary” reasons for transfer as well as the transfer justification populate appropriately to the PDF and no longer affect the address fields. Issue details


Reasons for ‘conditions state cannot comply with’ populate to the Transfer Request Reply PDF. Issue details


Additional ICOTS Fixes

The Resolved Issues section will contain details of all fixes from ICOTS code release 16.0 upon verification.



Confirmed issues resolved:


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