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Code Release 11.3.0 - ICOTS Enhancements 12/8/10

ICOTS 11.3.0 code release is in production on December 8, 2010 and implements the development items described below:

Transfer Request

A sending state user can create a new Transfer Request based on a rejected Transfer Request after the receiving state withdraws an approved Transfer Request Reply.

  • REMINDER: Withdrawing an approved transfer request reply changes the status of a compact case from approved to rejected.

Multiple county offenses appear on the Transfer Request PDF.

If applicable, provide gang affiliation information when adding/editing offender information on a Transfer Request or a Request for Reporting Instructions.

  • Only State Administrators can delete or change gang affiliation information.

If applicable, provide gang affiliation information when adding or editing offender information on a transfer request or a request for reporting instructions.

Offender Violation Reports

Violations from withdrawn violation reports do not appear in the “previous violations” section on subsequent Violation Report PDFs.

New ICOTS Reports

New ICOTS Reports: Duplicate Offenders List, ICOTS User List, Pending Merges and Deletions of Offenders, Rejected Cases Requiring Action

Duplicate Offenders List: Identifies possible duplicate offender records for deletion or merge.

ICOTS User List:Identifies ICOTS users for assisting with log in issues or audit purposes. Uses include:

  • Ensure duplicate accounts do not exist
  • Confirm deactivation for former employee accounts
  • Check name spellings
  • Verify workflow

Pending Merges and Deletions of Offenders: Provides status for merge and delete requests created by other states and awaiting action by your state.

Rejected Cases Requiring Action:Lists active rejected cases for states to determine subsequent action:

  • Withdraw/Close case
  • Resubmit a new Transfer Request.
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