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Code Release 9.1.0 - ICOTS Enhancements 3/1/10

ICOTS 9.1.0 code release is in production on March 1, 2010 and implements the development items described below:

New Mandatory Reason for Transfer and Reporting Instructions for Employment Transfer of Offenders

A new mandatory reason for transfer and reporting instruction option is available for offenders whose employment transfers to another state at the direction of a full-time employer and as a condition of maintaining employment (per Rule 3.101-1 (d).)

Offender Application for Transfer Attachment Required

The Offender Application section of the Transfer Request requires a signed attachment of the Offender Application for Transfer (per Rule 3.107.)

Special Email Notification upon Rejection of Transfer Request for Offenders in the Receiving State with Approved Reporting Instructions

Upon rejection of a Transfer Request for an offender in the receiving state with approved reporting instructions, ICOTS generates an email notifying the sending state user to take action on the case. This action may include resubmitting a Transfer Request within 15 calendar days if the rejection is due to incompleteness (per Rule 3.104,) or to direct the offender to return to the sending state.

Specialized Compact Action Request for Progress Reports

Choosing the specialized Compact Action Request to ask for a Progress Report generates an action item on the Compact Workload for the receiving state to complete the Progress Report within 30 calendar days (per Rule 4.106.)

Notice of Arrival

The option to submit a Notice of Arrival is available when a preceding Notice of Departure exists on a Compact Case. Sporadic errors generating the Notice of Arrival no longer exist.

County Filter Option Expands to All States

State administrators can establish county assignment for users to enable a county search filter for the Compact Workload and ICOTS Reports.

Print All Function Expands to All Users

All documentation associated with a Compact Case is available for print into one document from the Compact Cases tab of the Offender’s Profile.

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