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Code Release 10.0 - ICOTS Enhancements 5/26/10

ICOTS 10.0 code release is in production on May 26, 2010 and implements the items described below:

Manage Special Statuses

The option to expire special status information such as sex offender, history of violence and victim sensitive is available to the assigned user under the Manage Special Statuses tab of the Offender Profile. The information remains in historical and does not appear on future compact activities unless reactivated. State administrators possess additional functionality to delete special status information from the record entirely.

Criminal Cases

Criminal case information entered on a withdrawn activity no longer displays on new activities or within the Criminal Cases tab on the offender’s profile.

NEW State Administrator Tools

  • Edit Offender Demographics

  • An Edit Offender Demographics tool within the Offender Management tab allows state administrators to change core demographic data (name, race, sex, etc.) and to delete secondary demographic data (dates of birth, social security number, etc.) and photographs. Upon submission of changes, ICOTS notifies interested parties via email.

  • Move Compact Case

  • The Move Compact Case option within the Offender Management tab allows state administrators to move a compact case from one offender record to another. Uses for this functionality include splitting a previously merged offender record or to remove bad case information from an offender’s profile.

    The Move Compact=
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