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Display Issues in Internet Explorer 10

We've come across a number of issues with some pages displaying incorrectly in ICOTS when using Internet Explorer 10. The issue stems from the fact that development on ICOTS is done against Internet Explorer 8 in "IE 7 Compatibility View", as well as Mozilla Firefox. This is done to ensure the application functions correctly for the largest number of users on the most-used web browsers. 

This can lead to some problems with the newest web browsers, such as IE 10, which conform to the latest web standards. That's why some users are experiencing problems with pages displaying correctly in ICOTS.

To make sure ICOTS functions correctly for users with IE 10, they need to do the following to enable 'Compatibility View' :

Click the 'Tools' menu at the top of the browser and select the option for "Compatibility View settings"



If you are already in ICOTS, the domain "interstatecompact.org" will appear in the text box at the top. If not, type "interstatecompact.org" into that text box. Then click the "Add" button. 



Verify "interstatecompact.org" now appears in the box for "Websites you've Added to Compatibility View:" and click the Close button



Load ICOTS in IE 10 and verify you are no longer experiencing issues with pages displaying correctly.

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