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Differences Between Merge and Move Case Requests

There are a couple big differences between a merge request and a move request.

Merge Request

  • Combines all demographic information (photos, aliases, stated IDs, etc.)
  • Only the requester of the merge knows what supervising user is selected when the request is created
  • If the wrong supervising user is selected it can create quite a headache to sort out after processing
  • New offender ID and case IDs are created
  • Possible to search on pre-merge offender and case IDs
  • No further action required once merge is processed

Move Case Request

  • Moves a single ICOTS case from one offender profile to another
  • No demographic information is copied or merged
  • Every state involved in the move request knows what supervising user was selected when the request was created
  • Case ID does not change
  • If one of offenders has no ICOTS cases after the move, the national office will have to delete the record manually
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